about us  

FOTG - Food Of The Gods is an artisan chocolate company where miracles from cocoa are crafted after a long refining technique that ensures the finest taste, aroma and freshness.

It is a company run by young entrepreneurs who are globe trotters. Dynamic in their outlook and contemporary in their approach they represent best of modern times. Customer care and concern is in the genesis of this company.

True to its name every chocolate is prepared with a delight of our heart for the divine. We make your celebration more spirited and altruistic as these chocolates represent pure selfless love. 

Chocolate is the only word that transcends the barriers of age and language fascinating everyone - from kids to their grandparents. By its various taste and forms Chocolates have indulged mankind, ever since it was first made.

There are many factors which have contributed to our eminence and success in this industry, some of which are as follows:

Superior Quality

Best Product Mix

Client centric approach

Dexterous Craftsmanship


Competitive prices

On-time delivery

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